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  About Our City
The City of Webster is the Nucleus of Bay Area Houston with its strategic position midway between Galveston and downtown Houston.

Webster’s central corridors consist of Interstate 45 with 250,000 vehicles daily, Bay Area Boulevard with 100,000 vehicles per day, and NASA Parkway with 75,000 vehicles daily! Additionally, Medical Center Boulevard, Texas Avenue, and Highway 3 are arteries that accommodate the “medical center of the south,” with a service area population of 1,800,000 patients annually.

Webster's infrastructure development, high bond rating, and expanding local economy with a strong sales tax per capita -- nearly five times the national average -- illustrates that Webster's market is ideal and a leader among cities.

Webster is known as the retail, dining, and entertainment capital of Bay Area Houston. With rooftops driving retail, the population is 3,384,000 within a 30-mile radius, 999,000 within a 15- mile radius, and 589,000 within a 10-mile radius.

Additionally, Webster is supported by major industry sectors: medical, aerospace, retail, higher education, specialty chemical, tourism, entertainment, and biomedical.

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Primary Trade Profile
  • 2014 Estimated Population: 3,384,898
  • 2018 Projected Population: 3,564,273
  • 2013 Estimated Households: 1,187,659
  • 2018 Projected Households: 1,272,239
  • 2013 Median Age: 33.8 years

Traffic Counts
  • Interstate 45: 250,000 daily vehicles
  • Bay Area Boulevard: 100,000 daily vehicles
  • NASA Parkway: 75,000 daily vehicles

Demographic Information

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